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T-PFC will host a speaker at a different venue in the Triangle area who will share personal experiences in living his or her faith in the workplace.  Our hope is that our audience of professionals who are at the beginning of designating career paths for themselves, have been established in their careers for a few years, or who are pursuing advanced education will glean something beneficial from these talks and bring it to their own work.  Sometimes we shy away from having those deeper conversations at work for fear of being judged or labeled.  Sometimes we fail to mention the connection of a coworker's struggle to faith because we do not want to be misunderstood or shut down.  Sometimes we avoid offering the faith-based perspective when the conversation appears to be dominated primarily by non-believers or even those individuals who claim one identity but exude a different  persona.  Sometimes it is easier to be a passive bystander than it is to be an active participant in the call to discipleship.  Perhaps we are being summoned to more deeply understand the viewpoints of our coworkers rather than dismissing them when they do not align with our beliefs.  Perhaps we are being invited to live our Catholic-Christian identities humbly but more powerfully.  Our speaker series hopes to reach our audience in a personal way, empowering each attendee to return to their professions the following day with a renewed sense of purpose, desire for understanding, and fuel for the challenges that are bound to come their way. 

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